PreScience Labs

About PreScience Labs

PreScience is a developmental stage bio-pharmaceutical company focused on developing anti-cancer drugs. It has successfully completed preclinical mechanistic, in vitro and animal testing using intra-arterial delivery of its proprietary drug PSL-001. In January, 2013, the FDA approved immediate enrollment of a Phase I study, which PreScience intends to initiate at leading US cancer centers in 2015. The study will recruit primary and metastatic liver cancer patients.

PreScience is also developing a systemic formulation with the goal of maintaining efficacy and potency without increase in toxicity.┬áThis new formulation is designed to protect 3–BrPA while navigating through the systemic circulation.┬áThus far, in vitro and in vivo animal data supports this new formulation’s anticancer properties and lack of toxicity.

Mission Statement

“To develop powerful, effective and safe anti-cancer agents by disrupting tumor metabolism.”